Quotes of the Day Archive

Doris Burke

"I believe if the players and coaches respect my viewpoint of the game, then fans will as well."

-- Doris Burke
Claire Smith

"Don’t cut corners, and don’t give in to conformity."

-- Claire Smith
Christine Brennan

"Sportswriters should be able to portray athletes as they really are."

-- Christine Brennan
Verne Lundquist

"You have to do the preparation. You can't shortcut the process."

-- Verne Lundquist
Dick Stockton

"I'm there to report and interpret and to blend in with my analyst It's certainly not my show."

-- Dick Stockton
Julie DiCaro

"The only time I’ve ever been complimented on my voice was when I had bronchitis and a bunch of men called in to tell me my voice was sexy. But bronchitis is hard to maintain on any kind of regular basis just to please the lonely faction of my male listeners."

-- Julie DiCaro
Andrea Kremer

"I have no doubt that ‘hating the sound of her voice’ is code for ‘I hate that there was a woman announcing football.'"

-- Andrea Kremer
Lisa Byington

"This business is subjective, and it takes people believing in you to give chances. All of us have doors opened because someone saw something in you."

-- Lisa Byington
Jason Benetti

"I figure if I'm enjoying it, maybe the listeners are too."

-- Jason Benetti
Lukas Favale

"I think it's a special bond between a broadcaster and a fan."

-- Lukas Favale
Candace Buckner

"To be able to break news you have to have a relationship and I always put in that context, a working relationship."

-- Candace Buckner
Liz Clarke

"I feel like the people I’ve covered over a pretty broad range of sports would say that I treated them fairly, I was transparent and I captured what they were about, who they were."

-- Liz Clarke
Nick Wright

"That's what I'm here for: To show you that even the least attractive & athletic of us can make things happen."

-- Nick Wright
Marv Albert

"Seventy is the new 68."

-- Marv Albert
Tom Boswell

"People love reading stories on people, so the more you can dig up and put in a story the better."

-- Tom Boswell
Adam Schefter

"I always felt like reading the newspaper was one of the adventures of my childhood, so to speak. I loved doing it, but I really never thought that anybody actually did that for a living."

-- Adam Schefter
Julie DiCaro

"The free trade of ideas is no less relevant in sportswriting than it is in first amendment canon law."

-- Julie DiCaro
Dick Stockton

"Use words and don't scream."

-- Dick Stockton
Christine Brennan

"Why does it take pictures to wake us up to what we already should have realized?"

-- Christine Brennan
Frank Deford

"So much of life, so much of work, is luck."

-- Frank Deford