Quotes of the Day Archive

Joe Castiglione

"Some people love numbers but for other people, too many stats can be just like being at work. They’re trying to relax and get away from work. And you really should be careful. Every stat should tell a story. It shouldn’t just be a number. If you have a chance between a number or an anecdote, always use an anecdote."

-- Joe Castiglione
Charles Barkley

"Sometimes I have to criticize guys to try to make it fun, I mean, I’m out there trying to bust other people. I want all these guys to do well, but when they do something stupid or don’t play well, I try not to kill ‘em, I try to make ‘em laugh a little bit."

-- Charles Barkley
John Madden

"I was introduced to the Turducken in New Orleans. And it wasn't Thanksgiving. Glenn at the Gourmet Butcher Block brought it by and I had never heard of it or had seen one and they put it in the booth and it smelled so good that I had to taste it. And it was good. Then Thanksgiving came and we got one in addition to the traditional turkey. Then a Turducken and a turkey became a Thanksgiving tradition."

-- John Madden
Bill Simmons

"Up until the winter of 2000, I was thinking about maybe quitting and going into real estate. My stepdad is in real estate and it got to the point where I was in my late 20s, I'd never made more than $30,000 a year and there was no money in sportswriting at all."

-- Bill Simmons
Lindsey Nelson

"If the World Series runs until election day, the networks will run the first one-half inning and project the winner."

-- Lindsey Nelson
Gus Johnson

"As soon as I got behind that microphone, I knew I was going to do this for the rest of my life. Because of the poli-sci thing, I also spent one day interning as a lawyer. I knew I didn't want to do that. Lawyers work too hard. My mother said, 'Whatever you do, make sure you want to jump out of the bed every morning to do it. Then go do it, even if you only make enough money to pay the bills."

-- Gus Johnson
Linda Cohn

"If I wasn't doing SportsCenter, I'd still be on the couch watching my favorite teams play. I have such passion, and I've always tried to keep that passion even in the workplace."

-- Linda Cohn
Steve Berthiaume

"If I could do anything differently, I'd be more patient with career goals and stay the course a bit longer each time. I'd tell any young person reading this the same thing: don't rush - you'll get there."

-- Steve Berthiaume
Mike Golic

"You know that cliché saying that if you’re doing what you love then it doesn’t feel like work at all? Well, that couldn’t be more true for my 'job' at ESPN – sure there are longer hours some days, but I have a passion for sports and what I do and wouldn’t trade my job for anything."

-- Mike Golic
Mike Breen

"What I’ve learned over the years is the preparation is great and good to have, but you have to let the game dictate where you’re going to go, what you’re going to focus on and what you’re going to emphasize."

-- Mike Breen
Al Michaels

"I've always felt that I'm in a spontaneous business and if you script something, if you plan something, it will sound that way."

-- Al Michaels
Michael Cole

"Radio was my first love. That is what I was taught. I called football and basketball games in college and worked in news in college. Not having the visual medium to describe things, to be able to write without having pictures to tell the story, that’s what I loved about it."

-- Michael Cole
Joe Buck

"But I tell people all the time that if you can do the job, then there's a spot for you. I refuse to believe that there isn't any room in this business. People leave jobs and jobs open up every year. If you can do the job, you'll find your way into the broadcast booth."

-- Joe Buck
Marty Glickman

"Don't go running off at the mouth. Let the picture tell the story. No one tunes in to hear you broadcast the game, except maybe your mother or your wife."

-- Marty Glickman
Harry Caray

"My whole philosophy is to broadcast the way a fan would broadcast."

-- Harry Caray

"I think that hockey has mostly continuous description. We don’t have to wait for players to unpile. We don’t have [baseball's] interminable wait between pitches. And even in basketball there are a lot of timeouts, and in hockey there aren’t many except for our commercials. And so it’s describing continuous action so I don’t think it’s as hard as the others."

-- Mike "Doc" Emrick
Craig Carton

"People always think you are a Syracuse guy, of course you are doing talk radio, who handed you a job? Well, nobody did."

-- Craig Carton
Verne Lundquist

"I don’t work for that four-letter network … Discretion."

-- Verne Lundquist
Jim Nantz

"Hello, friends."

-- Jim Nantz
Katherine Switzer

"If you are losing faith in human nature, go out and watch a marathon."

-- Katherine Switzer