Quotes of the Day Archive

Tim Kurkjian

"The day I graduated from Walter Johnson High School in Bethesda, Maryland, in 1974, I decided I wanted to be a baseball writer, a decision made easier by two unavoidable factors. (a) I was 17 years old, 5’3”, 120 pounds, which meant my playing days in baseball and basketball were over, and (b) I went to a high school named after the greatest pitcher in baseball history, where I wrote for the school newspaper. Really, what else would a little guy, hopelessly dependent on baseball, do with his life?"

-- Tim Kurkjian
Jayson Stark

"That moment, when you first lay eyes on that field — The Monster, the triangle, the scoreboard, the light tower Big Mac bashed, the left-field grass where Ted [Williams] once roamed — it all defines to me why baseball is such a magical game."

-- Jayson Stark
Michael Kay

"Curiosity and listening [are the principles to an excellent interview]. I never go into an interview with a dedicated list of questions in which I will not deviate. You must be curious about the subject and listen to his answer and ask the next question off that rather than the next question on your list."

-- Michael Kay
Don Dunphy

"Sometimes I would hear criticism that I was faking it on the broadcasts, but I never did. Not all the fights are epics; in fact, most are not. But if punches weren't being thrown, I'd describe the body movements, the footwork, and that seemed to create excitement for the listeners."

-- Don Dunphy
Buster Olney

"“[TV broadcasting is] as much as a challenge [as writing]. You are trying to tell a story within 30 seconds. There’s an art to that. No matter what form of media you are in, it’s the same challenge.”"

-- Buster Olney
Erin Andrews

"I wasn't nervous; I wasn't scared. I have met with [Richard Sherman] three to four times. I actually really like him . . . He is smarter than probably all of us put together and he just went nuts -- in a good way."

-- Erin Andrews
Sean McDonough

"Those are the lessons that I learned [from my father]. Treat other people well, work hard, and tell the truth."

-- Sean McDonough
Jay Bilas

"Toughness is a skill. I don’t think we’re all born tough. You learn about toughness through your experience."

-- Jay Bilas
J.A. Adande

"I always tell people when it’s time to make a decision to stay or go [at a job], if it’s a difficult decision, you should stay. If it’s an easy decision, you should go."

-- J.A. Adande
Josh Whetzel

"It can be tough [to stand out], unlike a player. If a guy hits .350, it's obvious he's a darn good hitter, but people's opinions of what a good broadcaster sounds like are going to be a lot more subjective. You never know who's going to be listening or what they're going to be listening for."

-- Josh Whetzel
Curt Gowdy

"Let's announce like we're friends, just talking to each other."

-- Curt Gowdy
Jim Nantz

"You know, I'm a total perfectionist, and I labor over trying to get things right. Whether we're putting together an opening for the Masters broadcast or when I was writing with my friend Eli Stillman a book about my dad called ‘Always By My Side,’ I'm always trying to find a way to do something better."

-- Jim Nantz
Rece Davis

"There's no substitute for repetition, developing a comfort on camera that hopefully comes across to the audience at home."

-- Rece Davis
Mike Greenberg

"It was the first thing I learned when I started. An old boss said to me, 'Your job is to reflect interest, not to create it.' And what I’ve taken from that is, if you’re not talking about things people are interested in, then they’re going to find someone who is. It’s not any more complicated than that. But if you forget it, you won’t have a show for very long."

-- Mike Greenberg
Cari Champion

"I want to do what Oprah has done, I want to do what Barbara Walters has done! I’m well aware of my image. I want you to watch me, I want you to listen. I want you to enjoy me for who I am. I’m standing on the shoulders of women who came before me. If you turn on the television, and you identify with me no matter who or what you are, girl or boy, and I made an impact on you, then my job is done."

-- Cari Champion
Doris Burke

"It’s amazing how many times an undergrad will come out of the stands on campus and say, “I’d love to be in your position.” It’s constant. . . . My advice is usually the same, ‘You’ve got to be willing to, one, work hard; two, accept rejection and not take it personally. In life, you get told ‘No’ a lot more often than you get told ‘Yes’, and you’ve got to keep swinging."

-- Doris Burke
Dave O' Brien

"The travel and time spent in hotels and airport terminals is extraordinary. It’s pretty solemn sometimes, because that means I am away from my family and home in Rye so much. But then I realize how lucky I am. I try to tell my children to do what you love to do and find someone who’s willing to pay you to do it. My office is Fenway Park, Allen Field House (University of Kansas), or any remarkable place I go for the broadcasts. I never forget that I get to talk sports and do it for a living."

-- Dave O' Brien
Rick Sutcliffe

"You can tell by listening to me that I don't have a broadcasting background. The college I went to is called the college of the minor leagues. You listen to Sean McDonough and Syracuse jumps off the screen. You can tell he went to the same school a lot of the great ones went to."

-- Rick Sutcliffe
Jerry Coleman

"Your country is bigger than baseball."

-- Jerry Coleman
Cindy Brunson

"In the grocery store of life, I am working in the candy aisle. The opportunity to get paid to watch sports for a living and then have conversations about the impact of sports in the landscape of life is an opportunity I have always treated as a privilege and not a right and I am thankful for it every day."

-- Cindy Brunson