Quotes of the Day Archive

Dave O'Brien

"I try to tell my children to do what you love to do and find someone who's willing to pay you to do it."

-- Dave O'Brien
Brent Musburger

"Thank you so very much for all the appreciation and all the great moments that we've experienced together. God bless."

-- Brent Musburger
Michele Tafoya

"Relatively speaking, I know what my other deficiencies are. Cosmetically, I'm not 28 and stunning. The fact that NBC appreciates what I do means a great deal to me because I know that without my reporting skills and my experience and all of that, I might not have a fighting chance."

-- Michele Tafoya
Vin Scully

"Statistics are used much like a drunk uses a lamppost: for support, not illumination."

-- Vin Scully
Rick Reilly

"I don't feel like I'm a sportswriter. I feel like I'm a guy who writes about people who happen to do sports."

-- Rick Reilly
Dan Jenkins

"A sportswriter's life means never sitting with your wife or family at the games. Still working after everyone has gone to the party... Digging beneath a coach's lies, not to forget those of athletic directors and general managers and owners of pro teams. Keeping a confidence. Risking it."

-- Dan Jenkins
Dave Flemming

"We love to have a laugh or tell a story but ultimately we want to present that night's game as exciting as it can be."

-- Dave Flemming
Michael Barkann

"You could go out in the parking lot here and find 6 out of 10 people who know more about sports than I do. So it really is about the way you communicate the information, how passionate you are about the information, and how much you love what you do."

-- Michael Barkann
Marcus Hayes

"Clicks matter. But I am a firm believer that if it’s good quality, it will get good readership."

-- Marcus Hayes
Kristie Ackert

"You have to learn to pace yourself. This job is a grind."

-- Kristie Ackert
Marv Albert

"You have to be under control at all times, no matter what’s taking place. Enthusiasm and excitement can be expressed without going berserk."

-- Marv Albert
Doris Burke

"You just keep plugging. The reality is, if you don’t have a thick skin, this is going to be a tough business for you."

-- Doris Burke
Bomani Jones

"Not everybody can afford to do the right thing. All of us are swallowing something every day to keep getting these checks."

-- Bomani Jones
Gary Myers

"You want to be the one that people pick up the paper in the morning to see what you say."

-- Gary Myers
Rich Cimini

"Sometimes it's going to be critical but it's never going to be personal."

-- Rich Cimini
C. J. Silas

"As long as we 'sell' and objectify women as a commodity - sexy, thin, or perfect on the outside, we'll never have a level playing field."

-- C. J. Silas
Jason Benetti

"I figure if I'm enjoying it, maybe the listeners are, too."

-- Jason Benetti
Dick Stockton

"Things are going to go wrong... You must be unruffled."

-- Dick Stockton
Lesley Visser

"Guys do not have a genetic blueprint that allows them to understand or love sports."

-- Lesley Visser
Michael Wilbon

"If I have any attribute that serves me well, it’s I don’t have a long-range plan in life. I have no idea. I just don’t look ahead, I really don’t."

-- Michael Wilbon