Quotes of the Day Archive

Mike Lupica

"Read. You don't have to read me. But just read."

-- Mike Lupica
Joe Buck

"Every time you see kid and hear kid, you think, man, I have to not sound like a kid."

-- Joe Buck
Eric Gallanty

"The best part of minor league baseball for a radio broadcaster is that you have 142 chances to do something different and get better,"

-- Eric Gallanty

"I always liked writing. I liked sports. It seemed to make sense to put the two together."

Andrew Gross

"If you go back to the '40s and the '50, '60s even, teams would just bend over backwards to get sports writers to write anything for the team, because it was cheaper than advertising. But you know, once players started becoming multi- millionaires a lot of – all the relationships changed."

-- Andrew Gross
Jay Crawford

"You’ll find more often than not that everybody who gets into this business has a funny story here or there about a lucky break, something that turned their way. That’s always a big part of it. Skill is a huge part of it, but everyone’s success story includes a lucky bounce here or there."

-- Jay Crawford
Amy Johnson

"I think it’s a great time to be in sports particular to be a woman in sports and there are a lot of really incredible women doing a lot of incredible things right now. And it would be nice someday if one of the questions in sports isn’t ‘have you experienced sexism in your time covering sports?’"

-- Amy Johnson
Donna Ditota

"I don't have a normal day. Every day is different. I honestly can't say there's any kind of template to what I do."

-- Donna Ditota
Laura Albanese

"I definitely try to focus on the human aspect, as much as I love stats, and I love delving into stuff like. If I have a choice, I prefer more to talk about people."

-- Laura Albanese
Dan D’Uva

"I’ve approached each of my broadcasts the same regardless of how many people were watching or listening."

-- Dan D’Uva
Mike Clyde

"My biggest advice right now would be to diversify because the industry is changing so fast. I mean, who knows if traditional television will even be around in another ten years?"

-- Mike Clyde
Naila-Jean Meyers

"Once you prove your knowledge, I’ve found that a lot of the sexism—I don’t want to say ‘goes away’ because it doesn’t—but you just fit in."

-- Naila-Jean Meyers
Anish Shroff

"Working in sports and working in sports media is not like studying for the bar, it's not studying for the LSAT. You've either been preparing for this since you were seven years old or you weren't."

-- Anish Shroff
Cash Lambert

"The cool thing about journalism is that you get to sit down, at least the way I perceive it, you get to experience the lives of other people without really living their lives. You get to experience a lot of different lifestyles just by simply writing about them."

-- Cash Lambert
Maria Santora

"I try not to compare myself to anyone else."

-- Maria Santora
Heather Prusak

"No matter how good you are they’re going to say things to you, they’re going to criticize you for dumb things, whether it’s your looks or you know, just being a woman in general. You just really have to put it out in the back of your mind"

-- Heather Prusak
Jamie Seh

"Number one: work hard."

-- Jamie Seh
Marco Villegas

"It's easy for anybody that I interview, any subject that I have to become very comfortable with me. I think that's always been my thing."

-- Marco Villegas
Nick Wilson

"I just prep like hell. And I watch everything I can watch, and I read everything I can read, and then I just kind of forget it all."

-- Nick Wilson
Larry Fine

"We were taught a certain amount of caution to be sure that we were reporting fairly and accurately. There’s been something of a shift, where there is more a premium on speed, because of the tools that we have today as opposed as we had before. And that is a great thing, but also a tricky thing, because If you’re going to be fast, sometimes you’re not going to be true."

-- Larry Fine