Quotes of the Day Archive

Jim McKay

"I would have liked very much to be a news anchorman. It was just that the opportunity kept opening up in sports instead of news."

-- Jim McKay
Lesley Visser

"You need passion, knowledge, stamina and a sense of humor to succeed in this business."

-- Lesley Visser
Bryant Gumbel

"We are essentially in the business of telling stories. We would like to think that most of our stories are basically human stories with sports as a backdrop"

-- Bryant Gumbel
Curt Menafee

"If you try a tie bar that draws attention away from you, or an outrageous tie or suit, people aren’t paying attention to what you say. They’re thinking, Wow, what the hell is he wearing?"

-- Curt Menafee
Kevin Blackistone

"Sports and entertainment is an avenue where most of society becomes knowledgeable about black people. We don’t worship together, we really don’t go to school together, we don’t necessarily live together, but sports brings everybody together. I think it’s very important to have a lens constructed by people from the black experience shine on all these black athletes and the sport industry."

-- Kevin Blackistone
Bob Ryan

"I wrote often coming from a fan viewpoint: a viewpoint from the local fans and wrote in a personalized point-of-view. Some people are horrified with that but I’m not."

-- Bob Ryan
Chris Berman

"If you’re just yourself, you have to trust that that’s going to be good enough."

-- Chris Berman
Gail Sideman

"You have to demonstrate to the public and employers why you’re a valuable sportswriter or sportscaster each day."

-- Gail Sideman
Chris Broussard

"Journalists should want to be breaking stories, discovering facts, and reporting what they find to their readers."

-- Chris Broussard
Bruce Beck

"Remember, if you read and believe your own press clippings – you’re in trouble!"

-- Bruce Beck
Gus Johnson

"Just to get the opportunity to be part of sports makes me happy."

-- Gus Johnson
Jared Diamond

"Beat writers are still very valuable. Our job isn't to report basic info. It's to find stories that WON'T come out on Players Tribune."

-- Jared Diamond
Andy Jacobson

"Listen to your producer, but learn from everyone around you."

-- Andy Jacobson
Adam Zucker

"If you prepare in advance and you prepare well, once it’s showtime, you can feel the joy of the event or of the conversation that brought you to this business in the first place."

-- Adam Zucker
Dave Pasch

"There's a difference between networking and sucking up."

-- Dave Pasch
Jay Bilas

"Not everything requires analysis."

-- Jay Bilas
Wright Thompson

"I just want to do each story well. That’s it."

-- Wright Thompson
Tony Reali

"It's not always about who's right."

-- Tony Reali

"With all of us there's a healthy bit of anxiety you have. Not fear. But you want to be sure you're ready to do what the job requires."

-- Mike "Doc" Emrick
Kris Budden

"This notion that we tear each other down is the biggest misconception in this business. I could tell you a hundred stories of women who’ve helped me in my career."

-- Kris Budden