Quotes of the Day Archive

Joe Garagiola

"Baseball is drama with an endless run and ever-changing cast."

-- Joe Garagiola
Mike Waters

"You've got to prove yourself over time. You've got to be around."

-- Mike Waters
CJ Silas

"If you think you know everything, learn more."

-- CJ Silas
Bill Raftery

"I've always thought young."

-- Bill Raftery
Mike Tirico

"I don’t want to be the story."

-- Mike Tirico
Joe Posnanski

"When you live around a working-class environment, you see what sports means to people. You see that it’s the escape over the weekend. you see how they build their lives around it. People sort of want to get away from their lives."

-- Joe Posnanski
Tom Verducci

"I'm still the kid who grew up with ink on his hands from delivering newspapers."

-- Tom Verducci
Rebecca Lowe

"Once I've got my system and it works I won't veer from it."

-- Rebecca Lowe
Bob Schieffer

"A police reporter walks into the worst moment in someone’s life on every single story that he covers. It’s not like being a sports reporter. That’s a great job and all that and takes certain skills. But, you know, they’re glad to see you when you show up to cover the football game. Nobody is ever glad to see a police reporter when he shows up."

-- Bob Schieffer
Matt Park

"My passion, my entertainment, is also my occupation. For a living, I go to sporting events, and when I have down time, that's still where I want to be."

-- Matt Park
Herm Card

"For over thirty years I asked students what a phrase might mean, and they knew very clearly what they wanted to say -- but they hadn’t done it. 'That’s what I meant,' is different than having actually written it to convey their intended meaning."

-- Herm Card
Donna Ditota

"I am always grateful to people who share their personal lives with me. It takes a certain leap of faith to entrust your reputation to somebody else."

-- Donna Ditota
Sean Keeley

"Major in something creative. Write. Paint. Dance. Emote. Unless you're going to be a doctor or an accountant, your major is irrelevant."

-- Sean Keeley
Kyle Austin

"If people aren't reading you stories you take a step back and say, 'How can I do it better?'"

-- Kyle Austin
Michael Wilbon

"I don't want to sound like some grumpy old man telling you to get off my lawn."

-- Michael Wilbon
Keri Potts

"You have to be authentic or they will sniff that out in two seconds."

-- Keri Potts
Adesina Koiki

"Stay true to yourself."

-- Adesina Koiki
David Plaut

"It's always good to educate without boring people."

-- David Plaut
Suzyn Waldman

"I just think people, if they don’t agree with you and if they don’t like what you’re saying, they now have a place to go,..‘I don’t like her voice, I don’t like her accent, I don’t like the way she talks.’ . . . I just think everything is so personal now."

-- Suzyn Waldman
Joe Buck

"You can go to class all day. You can be in your basement. You can do a game off of TV. But until you’re in there and your opinion has to come right now and it’s a live, new game . . . it’s a different world."

-- Joe Buck