Quotes of the Day Archive

Mike Wise

"Good writing born of great reporting is still the lifeblood of journalism."

-- Mike Wise
Mike Waters

"Why do schools/coaches put themselves through the wringer before doing the right thing?"

-- Mike Waters
Vin Scully

"Good is not good when better is expected."

-- Vin Scully
Seth Davis

"I fully believe that if you give fans good reporting, smart writing and a quality user experience, they will want to read your words as fast as you can write them."

-- Seth Davis
Jim Boeheim

"What would you rather hear if not the truth?"

-- Jim Boeheim
Gus Johnson

"As soon as I got behind that microphone, I knew I was going to do this for the rest of my life."

-- Gus Johnson
Doris Burke

"In life, you get told ‘No’ a lot more often than you get told ‘Yes’, and you’ve got to keep swinging."

-- Doris Burke
Michael Barkann

"I never had a medical degree and I have doctors saying, I wish I could do what you do. To me that’s a tremendous badge of honor."

-- Michael Barkann
Chris McKendry

"I have always believed I could be any man’s equal without becoming 'one of the guys.'"

-- Chris McKendry
John Clayton

"By the way I am keeping the ponytail."

-- John Clayton
Karen Crouse

"Why can’t boys have female athletes as role models?"

-- Karen Crouse
Frank DeFord

"So much of life, so much of work, is luck."

-- Frank DeFord
Shalise Manza Young

"I love football; just because I never put on pads doesn't mean I don't have knowledge of the game."

-- Shalise Manza Young
Robert Lipsyte

"The biggest journalistic game-changer of our time has been the rise of social media and the overgrowth of faux news sources – league- and team-sponsored blogs, player tweets, fanboy sites, rumor mills -- churning bits of information and speculation into a clattering fog storm."

-- Robert Lipsyte
Dave O'Brien

"On radio, nothing ever happens until the play-by-play guy says it does, while on television, viewers can see what’s happening and you are an accompaniment more than anything else."

-- Dave O'Brien
Red Barber

"On radio, you’re an artist. On TV, you’re a servant."

-- Red Barber
Matt Park

"The best part of recognition like this for Newhouse Sports (STAA #1 ranking) is the reputation of helping one another."

-- Matt Park
Hubert Mizell

"I don't think you want to lose sight of the fact that you're the go-between for the people who read you and the people you're writing about."

-- Hubert Mizell
Len Berman

"In sports or anything else you want to be unique in some capacity."

-- Len Berman
Gayle Sierens

"I kept thinking, 'Don't screw this up.' I don't think I did. I got good reviews. Still, we went all those years without another woman ..."

-- Gayle Sierens