Quotes of the Day Archive

Jared Diamond

"Beat writers are still very valuable. Our job isn't to report basic info. It's to find stories that WON'T come out on Players Tribune."

-- Jared Diamond
Bryan Curtis

"When newspapers shrunk and the media shrunk, and athletes got richer, they don’t really need us anymore. It’s not that we did anything wrong, it’s just the world has changed and it’s not going to go back."

-- Bryan Curtis
Robert Lipsyte

"Save some money, so that nobody can make you a bobo and nobody can make you write or produce or broadcast something you don’t believe in. So that you have something to fall back and when times get tough you can say, 'go to hell.'"

-- Robert Lipsyte
Tony Kornheiser

"My entire career is based on luck."

-- Tony Kornheiser
Ramona Shelburne

"When you really get down into the guts of things, even if it’s an embarrassing detail or things that you would not even admit to your therapist, but you’re writing about stuff that’s really honest and raw and intense, people don’t see you, they see themselves."

-- Ramona Shelburne
Dan Jenkins

"I never cared what a player made, an owner made, what a franchise was worth, all that crap. None of that told me anything about an athlete’s heart."

-- Dan Jenkins
Jason Benetti

"Get a breadth of knowledge about other stuff - know a little about a lot."

-- Jason Benetti
Mike Breen

"When we all talked about our dream job at Fordham, mine was to be the Knicks' announcer and [Michael] Kay was the Yankees. We both laughed and said, 'Yeah, sure.'"

-- Mike Breen
Charlie Pallilo

"I enjoy rational discussions and arguments."

-- Charlie Pallilo
Dan Shulman

"I didn’t want to put myself ahead of the telecast or ahead of the game in any way. It’s just not my style."

-- Dan Shulman
Bob Costas

"There are some times when sports rises to the level of news and when sports broadcasters acquit themselves as well as the best news broadcasters do, they aren’t there to dramatize. They’re there as journalists."

-- Bob Costas
Mike Tirico

"I wrote six versions of a 30-second tease for an NBA game. You never get it right on the first try."

-- Mike Tirico
Michael Wilbon

"God, I'm glad I grew up in a time when kids followed sports in the newspaper and on TV and knew every sport."

-- Michael Wilbon
Christine Brennan

"I still think there is a role for independent journalists to cover stories and how they cover them."

-- Christine Brennan
Peter King

"Say yes. Say it a lot. And maybe one day, you’re going to ask for something really important. And maybe somebody really important is going to say yes to you."

-- Peter King
Suzyn Waldman

"I would never change anything about anything. Because everything that you go through leads you to where you are now."

-- Suzyn Waldman
Vin Scully

"Leave some gaps in your life so you can do something spontaneous, rather than being led by the arm."

-- Vin Scully
Bob Ryan

"I cannot tell you how to get a job, Be ready when the opportunity comes."

-- Bob Ryan
Mary Carillo

"There’s nothing like competence. Your bosses will recognize it and appreciate that quality immediately."

-- Mary Carillo
Rachel Nichols

"I was always even more captivated by watching sports than playing them."

-- Rachel Nichols