Quotes of the Day Archive

Rachel Nichols

"There (are) people who don't want to give you credit for knowing stuff. I do this for a living. If people haven't been exposed to women who know that kind of stuff then maybe it takes a while."

-- Rachel Nichols

"It's never my intent to be controversial but I don't shy away from it."

-- Gary Myers
Pete Thamel

"In writing and reporting the skills transcend the trends."

-- Pete Thamel
Keri Potts

"Be tenacious."

-- Keri Potts
Omarr Bashir

"If you aren't moving forward chances are someone is moving past you."

-- Omarr Bashir
Seth Markman

"The ultimate responsibility is to the audience."

-- Seth Markman
Andrew Baggarly

"If ESPN no longer values what Jayson (Stark) does then it no longer deserved him."

-- Andrew Baggarly
Greg Gumbel

"I have an appreciation for everything I've been assigned to, because it means the people for whom you are working think enough of you to ask you to do this."

-- Greg Gumbel
Rich Hollenberg

"Appreciate what you have. Don't take it for granted. Have compassion. And respect. The grind is real."

-- Rich Hollenberg
Keri Potts

"You have to be authentic or they will sniff that out in two seconds."

-- Keri Potts
Tim Kurkjian

"Baseball is all that we spoke in my house as far as I can remember, which means, my entire life."

-- Tim Kurkjian
Zach Schonbrun

"Don't pigeonhole yourself too early."

-- Zach Schonbrun
Tom Dowd

"Part of what being a columnist is about is putting a little of yourself into it."

-- Tom Dowd
Bryant Gumbel

"The other sports are just sports. Baseball is a love."

-- Bryant Gumbel
John Feinstein

"Being a good author is all about the reporting; it’s about developing sources and it’s about recognizing a story."

-- John Feinstein
Bill Raftery

"Keep your head down. Mind your business and do the best job you can."

-- Bill Raftery
Ian Eagle

"You are judged on your last game no matter how many you have banked."

-- Ian Eagle
Rich Cimini

"Try to become an expert in the field you are covering."

-- Rich Cimini
Rich Cimini

"Sometimes it's going to be critical but it's never going to be personal."

-- Rich Cimini
Jack Fitzsimmons

"People act like it's some contest to be the first to say, 'Ha ha! I never believed in them.' Cautious optimism isn't hard."

-- Jack Fitzsimmons