Quotes of the Day Archive

Jamie Seh

"Number one: work hard."

-- Jamie Seh
Marco Villegas

"It's easy for anybody that I interview, any subject that I have to become very comfortable with me. I think that's always been my thing."

-- Marco Villegas
Nick Wilson

"I just prep like hell. And I watch everything I can watch, and I read everything I can read, and then I just kind of forget it all."

-- Nick Wilson
Larry Fine

"We were taught a certain amount of caution to be sure that we were reporting fairly and accurately. There’s been something of a shift, where there is more a premium on speed, because of the tools that we have today as opposed as we had before. And that is a great thing, but also a tricky thing, because If you’re going to be fast, sometimes you’re not going to be true."

-- Larry Fine
Kenny Albert

"I think the preparation is the number one thing I learned growing up and in school and that’s the most important thing as far as doing play-by-play"

-- Kenny Albert
Dick MacPherson

"God love ya!"

-- Dick MacPherson
Brandy Tate

"Sports are the one thing that always seems to unite people"

-- Brandy Tate
Tyler Dunne

"You’re kind of parachuting into these new environments constantly and that’s the challenge. But I love that chase of trying to find stories that other people don’t have."

-- Tyler Dunne
Curt Menefee

"I think that as long as you're passionate in whatever you do, and that comes from finding that thing that's right for you. And you work hard at it and you enjoy it, it's all going to work out for you because you'll be in the right place."

-- Curt Menefee
Sal Capaccio

"The number one thing you can do in this business right now is to do everything and be versatile."

-- Sal Capaccio
Anthony Riccobono

"Some athletes don’t give you a good interview but you have to find a story. Take what they give you."

-- Anthony Riccobono
Laura Albanese

"One reason I always love sports is the storytelling aspect. You delve into something, yea, it’s just a baseball game or a basketball game, but sometimes it conveys a bigger picture or it can be a microcosm of the things people go through in everyday life."

-- Laura Albanese
Andrew Catalon

"Just never to say no to an opportunity. It might seem ridiculous, it might be a far drive, it might not be worth a lot of money, it might be worth no money. But you just never know where that could potentially lead you."

-- Andrew Catalon
Debbie Antonelli

"You have to believe. I never told anyone they couldn’t do anything and I had to many people tell me NO and those are also the people that motivated me - I’m thankful for them."

-- Debbie Antonelli
Andrew Baggarly

"Always do more than what’s expected of you, always look for ways you can just tell stories, tell interesting stories in different ways."

-- Andrew Baggarly
Devon Heinen

"You could be the best in the field, but if you don’t work hard enough, someone who might not be as good as you might come and catch you."

-- Devon Heinen
Kevin Harlan

"Just be well-prepared and fully versed in the teams and make sure you have immersed yourself in the game."

-- Kevin Harlan
Stephen Bailey

"It’s just about doing a good job and doing a service to your readers and always trying to find good and interesting stories and telling the stories of the people who don’t necessarily have the opportunity to have their stories heard."

-- Stephen Bailey
Dan D'Uva

"You need to know your business."

-- Dan D'Uva
Moonlight Graham

"Back then I thought, 'Well, there'll be other days.' I didn't realize that was the only day."

-- Moonlight Graham