Quotes of the Day Archive

Tom Dowd

"Part of what being a columnist is about is putting a little of yourself into it."

-- Tom Dowd
Bryant Gumbel

"The other sports are just sports. Baseball is a love."

-- Bryant Gumbel
John Feinstein

"Being a good author is all about the reporting; it’s about developing sources and it’s about recognizing a story."

-- John Feinstein
Bill Raftery

"Keep your head down. Mind your business and do the best job you can."

-- Bill Raftery
Ian Eagle

"You are judged on your last game no matter how many you have banked."

-- Ian Eagle
Rich Cimini

"Try to become an expert in the field you are covering."

-- Rich Cimini
Rich Cimini

"Sometimes it's going to be critical but it's never going to be personal."

-- Rich Cimini
Jack Fitzsimmons

"People act like it's some contest to be the first to say, 'Ha ha! I never believed in them.' Cautious optimism isn't hard."

-- Jack Fitzsimmons
CJ Silas

"It's our job to create something better."

-- CJ Silas
Rick Reilly

"Never let anyone tell you that sports doesn't matter."

-- Rick Reilly
Marcus Hayes

"I find it's very important to be able to adjust when you are wrong as a columnist...and as a husband."

-- Marcus Hayes
Bud Poliquin

"I've had a job for 36 years and I haven't worked a day in my life,"

-- Bud Poliquin
Marcus Hayes

"The best way to become a better writer is to become a better reader."

-- Marcus Hayes
Doris Burke

"Failure is a necessary part of life."

-- Doris Burke
Michele Tafoya

"You’ve just got to do your job and work extremely hard. I think it’s very basic. There’s no magic to it. I think honestly it comes down to how badly do you want it. How hard are you willing to work?"

-- Michele Tafoya
Bryan Curtis

"The Talk About is a surrender to a superior foe. It concedes the unconcedable: that what an athlete says is not as important as the fact that he says something. Anything."

-- Bryan Curtis
Al Michaels

"It's the bane of both the news and sports businesses, both electronic and print - 'You heard it here first!' Who cares? That's nothing but a vanity play. If it's not right, it's garbage."

-- Al Michaels
Tom Verducci

"My responsibility is to get the story right. I can’t predict or be concerned with the consequences."

-- Tom Verducci
Bill Raftery

"Every game is important to somebody and we certainly hope that we treat it the same way."

-- Bill Raftery
Lesley Visser

"I don't know if everybody is ready to hear a woman tell them so-and-so is going to run off left tackle. But you know what? They're going to hear it."

-- Lesley Visser