From Jersey to Dress

Published on November 22, 2018

Story By Kendra Sheehan

Photos by Ashtyn Hiron

Syracuse, NY- At 4:56pm graduate student Isis Young was still on the basketball court. The Syracuse women’s basketball team had just finished a dominating opening match against North Dakota.

By 6:00pm, instead of basketball shoes and her number 23 jersey, Young had transitioned to a red dress and heels and was seated at the anchor desk in Newhouse Studio. She was ready for a new role, this time, basketball analyst for the ACC Network pregame and half time report for the men’s basketball opener against Eastern Washington.


Keeping Up

It was a hectic day as I followed Young through the quick transition from student athlete to broadcaster. While her schedule is jam packed, Young says the time and effort she puts in to be successful at both, is completely worth it.

“I tell people that I really love what I do,” Young said. “I love basketball. I love broadcasting. You know I don’t mind putting the time in to be able to do it when I truly enjoy what I’m doing.”

From a 3-point score, to a steal, Young acted as the 6thman on the court, bringing energy and speed into the game. After a great home opener it seemed effortless as she transitioned to providing a thoughtful analysis of the Syracuse men’s basketball matchup for the ACC Network.

Double Duty for Both

Young wasn’t the only one running from the Dome to the desk last night. ACC Network studio host and Syracuse University senior, Drew Carter, called play-by-play for the women’s game before hosting the shows for the men’s game. With both students pulling double duty on the ACC Network, Carter notes that Young’s transition from the Dome to the desk might have been a little more complex.

“It’s not just about the day of. Obviously this has to be crazy hectic for her but it’s more about the day to day grind, “ Carter said. “I feel like I work a full time job as a student and doing all this stuff, and this is basically doing that two  fold and I can’t even imagine doing that, it’s crazy.”

When I asked if there was ever any concern that she would make it in time for the show to go on-air, Carter said there was never a doubt in his mind.

“I’ve hosted with former athletes and it wasn’t nearly as smooth,“ Carter said. “She is super, super talented and very smart. I always tend to think that the quality of work ethic off the air translates on the air.”

Secret to Success

Young attributes her success, to the strong support system she has at home. Her family was at the game showing their support with a warm embrace before she had to rush off the court. As a concerned parent, Young’s mother, Denise Young, wonders how she can manage it all.

“We absolutely get worried when she’s gone to work and we wonder how she’s really doing it all but I think it’s a tribute to her time and skills and her dedication to both,”  she said. “One thing I like to say is that we’re extremely proud of Isis and we wish her the best of luck in everything she does.”